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August 29, 2007


Lynn T

I've often wondered if Aleve might be good before a run for that very reason, and I think it probably is. But, one argument against it is that it maybe can alter your fluid/electrolyte balance so maybe if you're doing a really long hot run, it could be a problem. Otherwise it totally makes sense... if something is swelling in your leg, it is going to rub against other stuff and start to hurt more (and swell more). So, if you stop the swelling won't you just decrease the further damage you do to it? And I mean it isn't like an anesthetic or anything, if something is badly injured it isn't going to mask that!

Good luck with the disciplining for the hitting. I've just about decided that disciplining Lauren is about as effective as disciplining my cat! That is... it has no effect! LOL.

Congrats on getting back to running! Woohooo!!!!!!!


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