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April 12, 2008


Chad in the AZ Desert

Awesome job with the race! That's a great time for 5 miles...especially with very little sleep.

Our boys get that way everytime they have shoots, too.


When was the last time you updated the software on your garmin? That could give you some idea on how accurate it is. . .the longer its been since the last update, the "less" accurate it is.

What hill is the one you're referring to?? The one up Flagg Rd or the one up 138??


Oohh sometimes that makes me crazy with the Garmin! Like that 5K that I did and they said I finished in like 28 min but it was way short! Grr!!

Congrats again on the race!


The Garmin is only accurate to within a certain number of feet. That little bit of error and standard deviation is what throws it off. Funny that Google Maps seems to validate the Garmin more often than not!

Great race, chica! Congrats on a super speedy 100% effort. You rock!! :-)


Congrats on the PR! Great time! Yeah I know the hill you ran up and I wouldn't even walk up that hill while I was going to school there.

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