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April 03, 2012



Have you been doing Yoga? Maybe building in some yoga as your thereapy might help..I also happen to know a good therapist and she will see you for free:) LOL!


Surely a bad run means a FABULOUS run is just around the corner!

Your horrible run would be amazing (and not possible) for me. Funny! Good luck at the race!


Those runs will come... if your body is tired, a little extra rest will not hurt at this point. You've done the hard work! I'm sure your body will be ready to run hard on race day. :)


Deb - I haven't been doing yoga, but I think when I train for Boston, I should include some yoga - for the physical and mental aspects/benefits!

Jan - thanks for the kind words!

Laura - yes, you're right that the hard work is done. The hay is in the barn, so to speak : ) I'm moving forward and not letting this get me down. I'll be ready on the 14th!

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