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June 21, 2012



I'm so glad you are seeing the bright side of this! What a bummer, but it does sound like you caught it early enough. Biking is a great alternative!

Scott N.

Hi Michelle. Have you tried out the Strassburg sock? Just wear it to bed and it should help your PF a lot. I'm trying it now for my Achilles Tendonitis...don't know if it's helping but I think it works better for PF anyway. The lack of running is killing me...gotta get rid of this AT!!!! Just don't get in the same boat with PF.



Scott - Haven't tried the sock, but if the icing/rolling/stretching routine doesn't work, I'll definitely give that a try. I've heard that it works really well. Hope your achilles feels better soon.

Laura - yes, so happy it's biking season : )


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