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December 16, 2012



Yeah, don't live your life in fear. Though I walk through the Valley of Death, I fear no evil. If we give in, evil wins. Hugs to you and your family.


Very poignant Michelle. And quite accurately portraying my weekend and current state. There is a numbness... and empathy is powerful. And every Christmas song takes on a different meaning. I am thankful you shared that quote from your friend... it is important to show our kids magic, and we have to really feel it for them to believe us! We are blessed... and I've never love my children with more urgency than I do today.

Laura @ Mommy Run Fast

I've felt the same way- wondering if it could happen at our church, or at her mother's day out program, or... and I have to stop my mind from going there.
I love your Christmas countdown, and plan to remember it for next year. Pancakes in pjs, that's awesome!

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