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October 18, 2007



The one thing that worries me about the Mews 5K is that there are alot of hills. The race actually starts with an uphill run. I was thinking of a PR at this race. I guess we will just see.


Holy cow on that 7 min mile!!! You rock girl!!!!!!

Here are the drills we did at the clinic I went to a few months back:
Catch Up...I think this is the one where you hold one hand straight out until the other hand comes out to meet it. You do not cross hands and you don't let either drag.

DPS-Distance per stroke- counting how many strokes it takes you to cross the pool. If you swim 25X4 you should try to take one stroke off each time.

finger tip drag drill- drag your thumb up your side straight to your underarm, you should be bringing a bent arm up and then repeat on the other side.

fist-do normal strokes but close your hands into fists. You should use your fore arms as your paddles.

single are freestyle-so three strokes on each side with only one arm and then switch.

balance drill- push off like superman, bring your arms to your side and practice balancing with your face straight in the water. When you take a breath you should roll onto your side.


Shawn - I just checked out the Mews course today, and oh my god, those are some serious hills at the start! I may not get that PR after all..... Or maybe I still will. Either way, it's gonna be a fun race.

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