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November 13, 2007



Mmmm. Thanksgiving. There's this corn casserole I believe I have Dee Dee on board for :-)

You need a race belt. It'll come in handy for your first tri, and no pins required...


I just left the pins on my race #. I figure they will come in handy some day....maybe. I plan on running the course tomorrow just to see what we have in store for us this Sunday.


Well I use the safety pins for stuff like unclogging glue LOL. Just opened three yesterday and used them for that.

Ugh, I love Thanksgiving. I looove carbs. I am going to struggle this year I know it. :>P


Hehe, we have our own assortment of safety pins. It's so funny. Speaking of races, I need to find out when the local Jingle Jog is. I love holiday races!

Yum. Thanksgiving Dinner.

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