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November 07, 2007



What kind of goggles do you use? I have Tyr, and I have loosened them up quite a bit, and they have proved leak proof! For 10 bucks, find some goggles that work for you and are very comfortable.


That guy is a strong swimmer and his flip turns are so aggressive its funny. I was watching someone else do flip turns yesterday and they were not as "splashy" as his. Too funny.

Chad in the AZ Desert

Nice job with the workout! Definitely try a few difference brands of goggles. The ones that use a silicon rather than rubber tend to work better without having to press so hard to your eyes. The are a little more expensive, but they last longer too, so it usually evens out.


I agree on the goggle thing. I really like mine and I don't think they leave rings on my eyes. They do on my forehead though. LOL My arms are tired today after my 1000 meters..I am hoping to work up to longer workouts! Nice job!!

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