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December 09, 2007



2 SECONDS!!!! Oh man so close. Awesome job setting a new PR. You are really killing these runs! You are really setting yourself up to have an awesome race year in 2008!


Forget the two seconds! 5 minutes is HUUUUGE :-) Congrats on a stellar performance! I see much more improvement in your future :-)


Darn that beige sweatshirt girl!! It's like she knew! Awesome job!!!!!!!!!! You should be so proud of a finish like that!!!!!


Congrats on the new PR AND coming in second in your age group- that's big! I came in third in my age group once, and was overjoyed because I'm not exactly quick. But it's a good feeling, so definitely relish it. And with your speed, you'll be sure to get an age-group first place soon!

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