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June 11, 2008



Oh yea... You NEED to sign up, and you NEED a new tri suit :-) I'm right there with ya!!

Don't you go to the beach alot? Why don't you swim off the beach where you can still stand up. That would be good practice too!! But yea, I would try to get in the lake a couple of times too if your tri is a lake swim.

Happy birthday! That Gabe is one smart cookie, but like a tri suit, a Garmin is not a toy, its a necessity :-)


Have you been on Beginner Triathlete to see if they have any local groups? That is how I found my group to swim with. Everyone on there is so helpful! I am glad you got back to the pool! I bet it felt awesome!


hey, I just stumbled across your blog from brianna's blog...

I'm training for my first full triathlon this summer too! I did one as a relay team a couple years ago, but I was the swimmer and it was in a pool. so I'm very excited to see how it all goes with the swim in open water and the bike and run immediately after.

good luck!


Garmin 305 perfect birthday gift for the active mother...lol You will love the 305! Things will be on hold for me for awhile, but hopefully will be able to complete the tri in Westerly.


Sorry to do this to you - but I tagged you on my blog (not today's entry, but rather the entry on the 11th . . . I was a bit slow in letting you know!). Participate if you want, or just let it go - no hard feelings!

Have a great weekend . . . and BTW, I think a Garmin is the PERFECT birthday gift. I could go for one of those, too. :)

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