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September 28, 2008


Chad in the AZ Desert

Fantastic run! That's what you needed to do and you did it. As far as the stomach after the run, the only thing I can think of is to make sure you keep moving around/walking around for a little while after the run. If you just come to a complete stop, it kind of shocks your system and might be why you had problems eating when you were done.

Enjoy your taper.

SJ Goody

CONGRATS!!! I am with GABE!! :)


First off, awesome job. That is a huge confidence booster for going into your marathon healthy and ready to rumble! Sounds like you got a little taste of what miles 20-26 are going to feel like, and a few words of wisdom from Gabe :-)

What were you drinking? Just water?? I know that having too many carbs in the tummy can make it upset, but it sounds to me like your were fine while you were running, so I'm guessing your nutrition is spot on. I take a Gu every 30 minutes, but I'm a big guy.

I had to laugh at the Garmin thing at the end. Sounds like my 20 miler at Stone Mountain. I had to run that final .2 miles to get to 20!!

Well done!!!

Anna from Hank and WIllie

Kinda with Gabe, though I would amend that to say I would love to be ABLE to do that. So amazing!

I owe you a camera email--so on my list, and I love talking cameras so fun for me.

P.S. What is a Garmin?

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