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November 20, 2008



The trouble boyz cause gets more "sophisticated" the older they get. You will have it easy for the net 10 years or so :-) It was like tradition in my house. The youngest child ALWAYS clocked the next older child upside the head with a toy when said older child was playing video games or watching TV. Jessica thought this was SO unfair as she never got to clock anybody! LOL...

You and Scott are setting a fine example for your kids. People or so unpredictable, even adults. I wouldn't measure yourself or the kids based on one event, rather a lifetime.

Chad in the Arizona Desert

Wes is right. Those early years with boys includes at lot of hitting and acting out. It's not your boys - it's all boys, especially when boys get together. I'm sure you are doing a great job with them. Remember, they are little boys, not little adults. Keep the message consistent and they will turn out just fine.


I agree w/ PP that boys will do that. I'm actually in that phase with two of them right now - one of the twins (Matt, 5yr) and Chris (almost 2yr). I use time out in the corner and that really helps with Matt but Chris seems like he forgets about time out when he starts hitting again. Oh well... hopefully the phase will end for you soon as well...

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