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August 13, 2009



That's great news that the baby is incubating properly :-) I'm entirely jealous of the boyz choices of lunch boxes!


hold on a second!!!!!!!! you're due date is on sophie's (and elvis') birthday??? YAY!

oh, and let's roll the dice a-la-nic.

AS SOON AS i read that you'd been craving the veggies, especially the tomatoes tossed with oil and vinegar, my head said "GIRL!"

when pregnant with sophie, i couldn't eat enough acid-heavy veggies and foods. tomatoes were a HUGE craving for me. HUGE.

so huge, that one day while shopping, i leaned over a tomato display, caught a whiff, and it was all i could do to keep from shoving my face into it like a trough. looooots of fresh salsa and oranges and tomato sammiches! (YUM!)

bryce had me craving meat. sophie's pregnancy not so much.

that's my guess!

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