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January 27, 2010



Ooohhh...I was waiting for this! You did amazing Michelle, and don't feel bad that you had the pitocin and some monitoring- you still labored and birthed your baby NATURALLY! You probably got 90% of what you wanted in your birth plan. (And, don't tell anyone, but in all three of my home births I asked for "the drugs" and got laughed at...but at that point, you know you are almost done so it isn't too bad). I am really proud of you!
Congrats again!

PS- "Unmistakeable urge" doesn't really do that feeling justice, does it? : )


That's the best race report EVA :-) Nothing is perfect without a few imperfections, I always say, and this is one of those cases where the end justifies the means. Having that precious baby whole and healthy next to you makes a lot of the crap you put up with... meaningless!

Rose Kern

What a great explanation of your experience Michelle. I had a few tears myself as Carmine was being born. I wish I could have had this experience for myself but your description made me feel like I was watching! So glad you were able to hold out in the end without pain medication. I can't wait to see the big guy! Please let us know how the boys have been feeling about their new brother.


i'm sitting here grinning like a FOOL!

i got particularly tickled over this -- "I have never in my life experienced anything so instinctual and downright primal, and I think if anyone had told me to stop pushing, I would have punched them in the face."

isn't THAT the truth??? that overwhelming urge to push is SOOOOOOOO strong, isn't it? it almost feels like your body is on "auto pilot" for that part -- like even if you stopped *trying* to push, your body would naturally do it anyway...

i've done both - with meds and without - and i really really i would've gone natural with the epidural birth now that i think about it. but, oh well - i got healthy babies (thank goodness!!!!) from both and can officially state my opinion having been on both sides of the fence. ;)

congrats again, hon!

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