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January 21, 2010


Mom and Dad

love you


Good luck!!! Can't wait to hear all about it. Being induced isn't so bad, even though it's not the ideal plan. Even though my labor started with my water breaking at home, I was still induced due to not progressing, and I have to say, labor and delivery was still a great experience.

Good luck, and Congratulations!!


best of luck, honey!!!!! i can't WAIT to hear that everybody's healthy and doing good post-delivery.

hang in there, he/she will be here VERY soon!!!!!


I'm reading you daily to see what is happening. I also shared your blog with my bf who is preggers with her first (at 42....it has been really exciting for her!).

Remember that the most important outcome is a healthy baby...the process does not always follow what we would like. I never had pitocin until my last (4th) son....which surprised me..you'd think that after 3 paved the way he'd have just fallen on out! Every one of my labor and deliveries were so different. So...go with the flow and focus on baby coming out one way or the other! And..hey, you are already 40% of the way there. That is great! That is like being 1.25 miles into a 5k already. :)

How exciting for your gorgeous boys to be big brothers...they must be over the moon! GOOD THOUGHTS COMING YOUR WAY!


Thinking about you guys today!


Oh, wow...just read this and realized that you might already be holding that new little baby in your arms! Can't wait to hear the details....and learn if Gabe and Dante have a baby BROTHER or SISTER!!!!!

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