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April 18, 2012



I can completely identify with this post... I am sure I would have felt similarly. You definitely put in the work and had the paces for a 3:38, but there is so much in a marathon that is out of our control, especially those last 6-8 miles! I think you're doing the right thing by taking a break and not jumping right into marathon training. The mental piece is huge, and you want to be fresh and energized when you start up again. I am assuming I'll have a long wait too... I thought about a fall marathon but at some point we want a 2nd baby and we're trying to figure out the best timing on that. Anyway, sorry to write a book! :)


For me, the question is do you love the marathon distance? If so, then there is more work to be done to master the distance. Annnnnndddd dont make any decisions during the post race blues eh? Plenty of time for that.


@Laura - yes, as hard as it is to not immediately get back to work chasing that goal, I definitely need the break. I'll work on some speedy half-marathons in the meantime, so I'll have plenty to keep me busy : )

@Wes - the marathon isn't my favorite distance, but I love it enough to keep working at it a bit more - and yes, there is PLENTY more work to be done - after first taking a bit of a break!

Scott N.

Hi Michelle,

Saw your link on the RLAM FB page and wanted to congratulate you on a great run. You should definitely be proud of the PR and mental toughness it took to achieve. And I love reading anyone's race reports when they're so detailed and honest like yours. Just a side note - can you link your races on the righthand side to the race reports for those races?

Also, I was the husband that made some recommendations on the RLAM FB page for your half a few weeks ago, so I went and looked at that race report today after seeing your link to your blog. Sorry that the half was a mixed bag. Do you think your approach for that half helped your pacing in the full? Would you have changed anything about the strategy you employed?

Again, congrats.



@Scott - thanks for the congrats, and thanks for checking out the NB half report, too. I really appreciated your advice, and I still think I should have been able to hold that pace for longer, especially given that I started slow. I'm really going to be working on my half-marathon times over the summer, and will hopefully have better luck in the next half I run. NB was a very valuable learning experience, though, and definitely helped me remember to pace myself carefully in Gansett.

Thanks for the suggestion to link to the old race reports - I just did that, and I'm so glad I did. Not sure why I hadn't done it before! It was fun to go back and revisit some of those old races!

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