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April 26, 2012





The ebb and flow - ugh! Take a break from running and give crossfit a shot! I know there are a few "box gyms" in South County (I go to crossfit401 in Kingston, and think there is one in SK)... it has completely reinstated my love of fitness!


Rest is good. You will want it more with a little time off. BTW, bought a foam roller today. Heard so many good things about it and looking forward to using it tonight.


@Wes - coming from someone as wise as yourself, that's quite a compliment : )

@Sarah - I've wanted to try Crossfit for a while - there is one right in Peacedale, and I actually know one of the owners. Maybe it's time !

@Nicole - hope the foam roller works out for you. It can be rather uncomfortable, but it definitely helps!


You definitely didn't lose your fitness! Give yourself extra time to recover (that easy day for every mile raced always held true for me!) and your motivation will be back... maybe try some other things to mix it up and give you a chance to really miss running!


Logically, I know I didn't lose any fitness; it's just so discouraging to have runs that go so badly. I know I just have to wait it out, though. Thanks for the encouragement : )

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