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May 05, 2012


Mom and Dad

Really enjoyable and very funny blog Michelle...wouldn't it be nice to be able to record everything the boys say and write a book ! Children provide us with so much laughter...which is good considering the mischief they get into.....thank you so much for sharing with us...Dad and I love to hear all the boys musings about life and of course no two boys can get together and have a good time without some bathroom humour !


Oh, potty humor... L hasn't caught on to that yet, though I'm sure she would if she had siblings to egg her on! Unfortunately, it seems to last years... hang in there! :)


Yes, my friends who have girls say they're not immune to it, so I'm sure you'll get a taste of it sooner or later. I think boys just take it up an extra notch : )


that's what's missing in my house.... potty humor. Never too old!

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