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April 01, 2013



You have all the good vibes I can muster and send your way for this not being a stress fracture the foot being healthy and you can run Boston. Following your training, you have poured your heart and soul into training for Boston. You should be rewarded with crossing that finish line!


Michelle, you have every positive thought that I have coming your way. I will pray, hope and cross my fingers that it is nothing serious. You are the hardest working, most dedicated runner I have ever met and you deserve to cross that finish line in two weeks. Hang in there my friend. Easier said then done, but stay positive, be happy and know that you have done everything right with your training. You will be at Boston, I just know it!


Sending lots of positive vibes your way. Either way, you are such an inspiration. Your hard work and determination to earn a huge PR is nothing short of remarkable! I hope you get your chance to race your heart out at Boston this year. Best, Lisa


sending you every ounce of positive, healthy foot, vibes that I can muster. I'll keep holding a good thought for you and keep all my limbs crossed. As a new runner (6 months in), just contending with a knee pain that keeps setting back my 1st half marathon training is enough to drive me mad. I hope with all my runner heart that you will run that Boston Marathon...maybe not as fast as you hoped, but that you will be able to run it...cross that line and get that medal.

Laura @ Mommy Run Fast

Oh, Michelle- I hear you... that is the worst thing for a runner, especially at this stage with all the training done. My running buddy here is doing Boston and just sidelined with shin issues, and is also freaking out. She saw the dr yesterday who gave her clearance to run is she mostly cross trains from here on out, and promises to take a month of rest afterward. I'm hoping you'll get a similar response- and if you are resting the next two weeks, your body will still remember how to go 26.2 miles... possibly even at your goal pace. Hang in there!


Sending healing vibes your way and hoping to see you at the finish line in Boston!!!


Sending healthy thoughts your way!! Good luck!!

Angela @ Happy Fit Mama

Oh wow...I'm sending all the good vibes I can muster plus crossing my fingers, toes, legs and arms that everything is a go for Boston.

Daddy Sit Slow

Oh. Dear. Lord.

I wrote a comment yesterday and it has been deleted.

So, on top of everything else, you're a censor?

Think about what that means while you run.



If you really don't care what I have to say, I can't understand why you keep coming back. If you have something constructive to offer, I'll be happy to listen. I see no need to keep comments that are just posted for the sake of insulting me. Again- if you have no interest in what I'm writing, nobody is forcing you to read it.

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