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February 11, 2014



I can't and won'tn ever know what you are going through. I will share that a cousin has a son (just turned 10) with Autism, and she struggles daily. She does what is best for her son and what others opinions or experiences are, those belong to them and her and her husbands decisions with Z are their own. No one knows the answers and you are doing what you and your husband believe to be the best for Gabe and your family. Kudos to you!

Mother of 3

I know exactly how you feel. Went through this with my oldest daughter. Toughest decision I ever made was to medicate. But it was the right decision. I am thankful for my knowledgeable friends, pediatrician and teachers who stood (and still stand) by me. You are not alone!


I know from experience how hard this decision is--hopefully, the medication will really be a help for him. It was a huge help for Mike, and it wasn't forever. This year, after 6 or so years, he decided to stop taking ADHD meds. And it worked! It takes a lot of effort on his part, but he has gained the maturity to be successful in school without them. Also, while he was taking the medication he was really able to focus on internalizing the strategies we, his counselors, and his teachers taught him. He is now able to use these strategies on his own. We will see what college brings--he still needs a bit more checking-up-on than your average high school senior in terms of homework and studying, but we are so proud of all of the progress he has made. You have so much to look forward to with Gabe and all of your boys. Good decision and best of luck--xoxo Anne-Marie

Rene' Whiteley

It is such a tough decision, but as the mom of 2 children with ADHD I will tell you that we chose medication for both of them. We went through everything, behavior modification, diet changes, therapy etc...and in the end we were getting no where. It hit home for me when our pediatrician asked if we would treat them for diabetes if they had it, my answer was of course. I have to tell you they are both well adjusted, great students and popular kids at their middle school. Good luck in your process, it can be really frustrating at times, but in the end ADHD kids are really fun and super special.

Jessica f

I support you 100% in whatever decisions YOU feel is right for your precious boy <4


my heart and prayers are with you.

SarahJeanne Olson

much respect Michelle <3


Michelle you are a great mom and I know how you have struggled with this by reading your blog. It is obvious that you read everything you could and have talked to all the right people and this is the best decision for Gabe and your family. I have one friend who recently put her son on the medication after trying so many other options. It has made a difference in all their lives for the better and I hope you see the same results.


We have gone through the very same struggles with Bowen (as we have talked about before). We made the decision last year to start him on meds. We have seen a remarkable difference when everything else we had tried before did not. It decreases his appetite for lunch, but he makes up for it by eating a big breakfast and dinner. We maintain regular communication with his teacher (who is a great fit for him) as i'm sure you do and frequently have to make at school or at home adjustments, i.e. extra help in certain areas where he has particular focus issues... the 504 plan he's on is still crucial as well to his success! good luck and i know you'll make the right decision!

Kathy Koester

Medication made it possible for our boys to function in the "norm" of middle school thru high school. EXTREMELY difficult decision, yes, but no regrets. Stay strong, Dad and Mom, you love your child and that does not change by the use of meds. It may, in fact, prove to ther parents that it is OK to make these decisions on the name of LOVE! God bless!

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