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August 12, 2014



I can so relate to this post. Just today, Michael and I were at the grocery store and I forgot syrup. We were a couple aisles over and he said he could get it. I let him thinking he would come back telling me he couldn't find the right aisle or bring back the wrong brand. He had no trouble at all, found the right aisle and the right brand and you could tell he felt good about it. It made proud, but I know that sad feeling too. Not too long ago, I wouldn't let him out of my site.

It s a privileged to watch them grow up and I am a thankful that I get to be Michael and Abby's mother.

Laura @ Mommy Run Fast

The letting go is hard! Just having L move up to the next classroom this year (more hours away from me) is difficult- I have mom guilt that she should be with me this last year before kindergarten, yet she loves it and I need that time, too. I know it will only be harder as she grows! But you're right, it's our job and it sounds like you're finding a great balance with realistic expectations.

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