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June 11, 2015


Kim Hattingr

Beautiful, heart-felt words :-) Although I have not had the speed & finesse you have had, I have had some AG awards and numerous other PR's. And, I am also kind of at a crossroads. I have discovered that I truly just love to run....I don't have to chase a new PR, pass someone at the finish line, or be 110% committed to what my training plan says. Maybe because after 10 years of running, I am starting to feel "injured" more often (or maybe I'm starting to at least acknowledge it LOL). I've realized if I want to continue running for many years to come, I need to just take it easy and enjoy the ride and not obsess over so many insignificant details. Also, I have discovered I love watching friends achieve their goals...maybe even more so than my own goals. Recently, a friend ran her 2nd 13.1 and texted me when she finished to tell me she was able to run the entire race (other than walking through the water stations). She was so proud, and so was I. I was in tears as I read her message. To me, that is what it is all about....celebrating the run, and celebrating each other. Thanks for this valuable reminder! And best wishes for a wonderful birthday :-)

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